Focusing on infinity

Focusing on infinity
Brandon Aviram and Midjourney

Time and creativity share an intimate bond in photography. Just as time etches moments into memory, the camera captures scenes into images brought to life by creative vision.

Focusing too narrowly causes us to lose perspective of the broader stream.

The camera is a time machine in some ways, able to slice the ever-flowing time into transcendent snapshots for reflection. A great image transports consciousness, letting minds traverse not only space but also stretches of time otherwise inaccessible — places where we can return, again and again, throughout our lives.

Photography grants us the ability to leap over vast empty spaces and arrive at the perfect punctuated equilibrium.

But with the freezing of specific seconds, we risk losing touch with the continuous thread of reality that consistently sews fleeting moments into a coherent montage.

Creativity requires immersion in the flow.

The photographer often tries to capture not just what the eye sees but what the spirit perceives beneath the surface. This demands being fluid enough to slide between perspectives without disconnecting from the stream that feeds the source of inspiration.

Masterful photography is a dance between focused attention and unbounded awareness — crystallizing particulars without losing sight of the abstract landscape. It imbues the art form with symbolic resonance across itself, at the confluence of time, light, and consciousness.

The past and future converge in this ever-unfurling now.